Specialist Importer To Malta


Welcome to Kerry Custom Products

We are a small and very specialised company based in Valletta, Malta, that helps people to find that perfect thing – whatever that is.

The constraints of living on a small island means that there are many products that just never make it to our shores commercially. That does not mean that you cannot get them, they just will never be brought here in any real quantity.

We help people by sourcing those hard to find goods and using our existing connections to import them for you. Typically, we work with companies because it isn’t easy to bring in one of anything – as a member of the public might want – but for a company that might need a few boxes or a reasonable quantity of a thing, we can often assist them.

It would be a little too bold of us to assert that we can bring in anything, because there are limits, but we might well be able to assist you in bringing in something that is unusual, delicate or simply unavailable elsewhere in Malta.

For these reasons, we do not offer a catalogue of products that we can bring in, or offer details of products that we have brought in previously. Instead, we leave the ‘what’ up to you and will investigate the best, fastest and – hopefully – cheapest way to meet your requirements.

We are based in Triq Santa Lucija, Valletta at number 212. If you would like to contact us, please just leave a comment on this website, including your telephone number and we will call you back during office hours to discuss your requirements.

We hope to help you soon.